Sunday, January 12, 2014

Learned about powder in a nappy o.0

On the 9th of January the TY's and 2nd years attended the young scientists in the RDS. Knowing this would be a long yet interesting day! For the whole bus trip up all you could hear was people singing songs from high school musical! Always an event to look forward to, lots to see and do! Loads of exhibitions to look around, shows to see and games to play! So much to get involved with! Seeing people like Ryan Tubridy, Stephen Cluxton and our new friend Karl! Who is a security man we kept company :')

We got involved a lot! Asking questions about things that made no sense to us at all! Playing with custard stuff and stuff in nappies! Best one was the GAA stand where the man face swapped your face onto a GAA player, was quiet funny!

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