Sunday, January 12, 2014

Learned about powder in a nappy o.0

On the 9th of January the TY's and 2nd years attended the young scientists in the RDS. Knowing this would be a long yet interesting day! For the whole bus trip up all you could hear was people singing songs from high school musical! Always an event to look forward to, lots to see and do! Loads of exhibitions to look around, shows to see and games to play! So much to get involved with! Seeing people like Ryan Tubridy, Stephen Cluxton and our new friend Karl! Who is a security man we kept company :')

We got involved a lot! Asking questions about things that made no sense to us at all! Playing with custard stuff and stuff in nappies! Best one was the GAA stand where the man face swapped your face onto a GAA player, was quiet funny!

Boom boom aint it great to go bowling!

To mark the end of our exams we hit the lanes and looked forward to Christmas! We put the exams behind us and had a laugh! Great for girls who never bowled before to get out with everyone! Of course knowing my friends our lane broke a couple of times..oops... I'd say many selfies were taken that day! I took the game with 143 points beating mainly everyone! :') Ah was a great day out, everyone enjoyed themselves!

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Have a happy Holly Days!

In aid of the ISPCC the Ty's went into town and help sell holly to raise money. We each gt split into 2 and got given a point to sell at. I was with Sara and got put at The bank of Ireland opposite Trinity College. It started of a bit weird with people giving you looks but once we got into it, it was great! After about a half an hour we finally start getting money! But then it got a bit cold, ok very cold!

We raised a lot of money, so our hard work did pay of! Ah nothing beats a bit of Mc Donalds after as usual!

So i got followed by a robot?!

Another trip took us to Punchestown fr a road safety show. It was packed with other schools and cars,guards,firemen,ambulances and many more! Of course we had t get loads of free stuff to begin with! :3 Also getting pictures with everyone and everything! We went around looking at all the stuff on show getting interested!

The NYPD were there with a Tango-bot. Which was a 'robot' built bu NASA! Knowing my luck it start following me! Pfffftt i was not scared!

The last part of the day was a talk and videos warning us to be careful on the roads, what and what not do and just over all be safe!

Saturday, December 7, 2013

So maths can be fun.. hmmm

On the 4th of December we had a project maths trip to Rathbeggan lakes. Thinking that is was going to be some boring day about maths turned out to be the complete opposite! When we got there you could say it was a bit cold! But we got on with it, we were split into groups on 3 and 4 and each group was given a challenge to do around the lake. Even with ducks running around after us! My group got 6 challenges done which was really good! :) But the winners won free family day passes! Really enjoyable day!

For lunch we stopped of at Blachardstowns shopping center for a couple of hours to get food! And also have a look around which is always fun. :)

Friday, November 29, 2013

ME in a kumite match (karate fight) :)

Well this is me in a karate competition a couple years ago as i am now a black belt, just saying :P Won this fight (kumite) but came 3rd over all :)

Friday, November 22, 2013

Fried chicken! #Development Education

On the 21st of November we went to the City West hotel for a schools across boarder project we are doing. Each school made a presentation on what they have done so far in class but since we are the best school ever we made 3 presentations! We watched a play preformed by the Quadrangles. I enjoyed it it had a lot of humor in it but also put across a message about that anyone can make a difference if you try.

We then got together in groups and went to workshop and and an activity hub! Where people learned how to make blogs and we made a graffiti wall which looked pretty awesome! The lunch was amazing! Nothing beats chicken and chips haha.