Friday, September 6, 2013

It begins!

Coming up to the first week of TY  was nerve wrecking to see what teachers i would have and what new subjects i would be trying out. I wasn't expecting homework on the first day but of course we got it. Getting subjects like tech and home ec was different but looking forward to taking part in them. One of the best parts would be being in a class with your best mates knowing that the year ahead can be enjoyable. TY being the first year in a kilt makes you realise how many years past as a junior. Finding work experience was hard but was able to find it. Looking forward to be learning about life in a work place and how it differs from my everyday life. Getting new class names like Tereshkova meaning the first woman on space was pretty cool.
       Going to carlingford adventure center should be good. Being able to work as a TY team and bond and get to know people that you rarely talk to. Should be great criac!
                                                                                               Our first Wednesday was a full day of three workshops. The first was positive parties then live life without limits then we relaxed and got massages, was quite funny! Positive parties was the best one for me because it was a laugh! Weirdest yet funniest was when we had to find as many ways how not to wear pants! Also getting up and singing mama mia with two crazy friends on front of the whole class!



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