Wednesday, September 25, 2013

The Craic in Carlingford!

On the 16th and 17th of September we took a trip to Carlingford adventure center. All the Ty's were buzzing for it! Well it took a while to get there but well worth the long journey. :) It was unbelievably cold and wet!
sweet shop! 

 Our first activity was a bunch of challenge courses which included a lot of team work and involvement from all the team members. It was great fun. Our second activity was laser tag. My favorite! Basically we had two teams blue and red trying to knock the other team out by killing them all :) The walk was so long and up a mountain! The last activity of the day was at night called night line. 2 teams had to find there way around a part of the forest blindfolded holding onto a rope and the girl on front of you's shoulder. Was really scary not knowing what was going to be near or anything! Everyone enjoyed it and worked together to make our way around :)

laser tag!

laser tag!

Spending the night will all your mates and a load of sweets was the best! Especially bonding with others you rarely talked to. The second day of activities was probably my unluckiest day. In the morning we went kayaking was great up to the point where i had an asthma attack in the when i was in the water! Luckily i was fine got out and back but wasn't able for the afternoon activity. :(



All the staff and instructors were so friendly and helpful. Lovely people. :) Would love to go back any time! Amazing place!

the view!

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