Saturday, October 5, 2013

All ready for... hot chocolate :3 i mean the Pearse Museum!..

On the 3rd of October we took a trip to the Pearse museum as part of an Irish trip. We learned all about Patrick Pearse and how he tried to keep the Irish language alive! We were taken on a guided tour around the big old house. It was amazing to find out how much he went through to educate kids and teens.

We were also taken on a nature tour around the grounds of the house. It was an amazing view! Also a day full of laughs and many.many selfies! The hot chocolate was my outline of the day oh gawd it was tasty! :3

We then watched a short film about the life of Patrick Pearse. It was a great insight into his life. Towards the end of the day the teachers decided to make some videos. It was a great laugh! Glad i took part, looking forward to seeing how the videos turn out...

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