Thursday, October 31, 2013

Ghosts and ghouls roaming the grounds among us o.0

On the 25th of October the horrors of Halloween were in the grounds of St Wolstans! It was the annual dress up where each year gets a theme and the best from each class gets picked to go forward for the parade and battle it out for the 1st place prize. There were a lot of crazy yet scary faces walking around they sure would give you a fright!

    1st years- witches
    2nd years- zombies
    3rd years- vampires and werewolves
    TY- Villains 
    5th years- Circus
    6th years- Harry potter

A lot of effort was put in from all years which makes it such a great day and a load of fun! Parade is always great to watch always full of surprises! :)

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