Sunday, October 13, 2013

Madness... Madness everywhere!!!

Well on Friday was the Fun Walk. Its one of the major events in the school. Each year is given a color and each base class has o think of a song and put a dance to it to preform on front of the school and judges.

                                      1st year- Pink
                                      2nd year- Purple
                                      3rd year- Green
                                      TY- Yellow
                                      5th year- blue
                                      6th year- Black and White

My class dressed up as minions from Despicable me! And ms Mc M dressed up as Gru. It was a great laugh! The song we chose was Wanna be by the Spice girls. It went better than i expected. :) All the years seemed to have a great day a lot  of effort was put in by all years and lucky us there was no rain! Some of the teachers seemed to enjoy it more with their dancing! Overall fantastic day. :)

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